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Updated: May 23, 2018

Rachael Blake, Susie Porter and Vince Colosimo top the bill in a steamy psycho-thriller about a successful author struggling to deliver her hotly anticipated second novel.

Sexy thrillers don’t usually come to mind when we think of Australian movies. Well, think again because here’s one with a frisky libido and a cleverly crafted plot that’ll keep you guessing. Mairi Cameron’s impressive debut feature centres on an unnamed writer (Blake). She’s discovering that the only thing harder than writing your first international bestseller is producing another. Her work-in-progress about the death of a teenage boy has nothing in common with the sexcapade that made her famous...or does it? Enter her erudite and amorous publisher (Colosimo) and her bestie from teenage years (Porter), and the stage is set for anything but a quiet week at the writer’s isolated family mansion. File under “juicy Aussie surprise packet”.

Tickets available -

Event Cinemas George St 5 Sat 9 June 6:30pm—8:04pm

Hayden Orpheum Cremorne Sun 10 June 8:30pm—10:04pm

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